A Certain Ms Une (slemslempike) wrote in scot_bookswap,
A Certain Ms Une

Scot Book Swap 2011!

Hello! I am planning to host another Scottish bookswap on Saturday 1st October. It is very far in advance, sure, but I figured that that gives us a fighting chance for people who want to travel being able to before a) they get booked up and b) all the cheap train tickets are gone. I figure that not many people will know for definite, but it would be good to know intentions.

I will be hosting it, and the venue will either be at cangetmad's house, or in my flat. One of those, both of which are in Edinburgh, very easily accessible by bus from the main train stations.

Are you in?

I will definitely come
I will probably come
No idea
I will probably not be coming
I will definitely not be coming
I cannot come on that specific date, but if it were the weekend before or after I would

Regardless of which house we use for the swap (probably Kate's, but we shall see), I can put up some people in my flat if you're coming from a non-day-trip distance.
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